Saturday, April 28, 2012

practical things. [color it in]

Yesterday, my mister surprised me with this box of wood pencils.
I kind of can't wait to color like a kindergarten kid with these.

Well, today is a lovely sunny sort of day in Nashville... warm... high 70s... little wisps of clouds in the happy blue sky. Kind of like Bob Ross, the happy painter was helping out with the design of today's backdrop or something.
After a bit of a lie-in this morning, dancing and humming to the Sinatra Pandora station whilst getting ready for work, and a coffee run, we stopped back by the house. The glory of the day was suddenly interrupted by the discovery that Marley, apparently, had taken an interest in the colored pencils the same way I had. She decided to help herself to them which involved taking them off of the kitchen table. Of course, she doesn't have thumbs or hands in the traditional sense, so her mouth would have to do for the holding... which then turned to chewing.
Enter livid boyfriend and the sound of the proverbial straw breaking the camel's back.

She will most probably spend the rest of her day in her crate.

The thing is, it's one of the worst possible times for this. I have to get some new items for work... I've one pair of "comfortable flats" left. And then, there are the replacements... In the past couple of months, my $200something eye-glasses, flip-flops, underwear, sports bra, shoes, running shoes, sunglasses and a variety of other things have been destroyed by Marley and her occasional partner-in-crime Parker (who has a penchant for chewing shoe liners and now, electrical tape.) And now, we may add to that list, a some colored pencils. And quite simply, it isn't in the budget to replace things.

Most certainly, the most obvious fix (other than finding Marley a new home, which would leave me heartbroken) would be to make sure she is in her cage every moment that I'm not home. I thought it would be ok if someone else was around, but apparently, she is well aware that if her parents are not in, she can sneak into loads of trouble under the nose of house mates.

So, that brings us to these facts -

- I have 2 days off in the next month...
- I need to purchase new clothes, shoes, replacements of aforementioned lost..ahem...eaten items. (i have quite literally a few hours within in the next couple of days with which to do most of this. a few hours which is quickly dwindling down to a couple... and this cannot begin until everyone is done, and i can leave. - in turn, this means more money, which is great. catch 22, you see?)
- I need to discover an effective way of training my puppy to be a household member we can all live with.
- I need to learn color lines/skin care lines/computer system/phones/makeup application for my new job
- Then there's the regular FT job
- The work-out/running goals
- Oh, and the songwriting/music goals that need to be met in the next 5 months which is actually the top of my list.
- Not to mention keeping up with family and friends and other commitments.
- and all the misc. everyday things that matter.

In short, i'm a little stressed out.

i'm tired of internalizing what feels like overdose after overdose of ridiculousness.
my chest hurts.
my skin is crawling like it could burst into hives at any second.
the practical, everyday life feels real heavy.

"take from our souls the strain and stress, and let our ordered lives confess...
...the beauty of your peace."


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