Friday, April 13, 2012

i am writing up a storm. singing up a storm. staying on schedule with new goals. and this is very exciting. very encouraging. i need a lot of encouragement these days. there is a lot i haven't shared. probably because i'm truly unsure of just how to do that without exposing private things and embarrassing people. and that's ok. it's been heavy. it's been a lot. it's been a hurtful time. but the season is changing, and i am coming out on the other side with grace and dignity.
that is my aim, anyway.
nashville has the craziest weather at present, which is another reason i'm not sure i feel so well physically today. there is at least a 35 degree temperature variance each day. my body hates it.

it is really hard to unhear things.
to unlearn a habit.
and i really pray that the positive... that truth will bombard me daily until i've forgotten all of the words said.

a friend of mine put it best...
i feel like i'm in the midst of a dense dark crazy huge forest. and only one can find me. and i know that he will. i'm just waiting on him to arrive. and as much as one is naturally inclined to run for your life!!!! ... i am making a fire and waiting.
that's where i'm supposed to be.

everything will be made right.

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