Friday, April 20, 2012


the king is dead.
wait it out, and soon the queen will follow.
fallen off their crooked thrones
just give it time.
invisible hands of justice
but you still plead your allegiance...
out of one side of your mouth
and those words in between the lines
is the salt in the wound
is the twist of the knife
is the kick while i'm down
but i won't stay here long...
making exit strategies and plans
find another city
another town to make a rented house a home
trembling hands stilled
strike the box
the smell of sulfur in white ribbons
the dance of the flame
i've set this house on fire
burnt the bridges
watched them snap and slide down into the ravines
of regret
and left
all of the safety
because this time it counts
this time the guns are loaded
it will make us or break us
there is no part that will be sufficient
only whole
only all
and then more than we've the capacity for
and that leaves us to be overcome
be overcome by love and fear overthrown
or overcome by fear
with love still pursuit
the choice seems obvious
but it is ours.
none but ours.
we've not been this way before.
it will not be the same.
the way...
the outcome...
nothing is the same.
and all of the walls
and all of guards
all of the weapons
and lines of defense
they are all useless here.
just us overcoming.
just us overcome.
the old is overthrown.
so what are you waiting for?

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