Saturday, April 14, 2012


"To admit wanting revenge is to admit you have been crushed and need to be rebuilt. Few are comfortable admitting that, even to themselves." -Laura Blumenfeld

If i could delete you from a real life timeline i would. And i wouldn't feel badly about it. Not even a little.

If i could have selective amnesia... erase words and times and scenes from my mind, i would.

This is the truth.
And i will lay this down again and again until i unlearn the habit of picking it back up.
Surrender my weapons of revenge.
May forgiveness outrun resentment to the finish line of my heart.

The good that will be made of this will be something astounding.

“Forgiveness is the name of love practiced among people who love poorly. The hard truth is that all people love poorly. We need to forgive and be forgiven every day, every hour increasingly. That is the great work of love among the fellowship of the weak that is the human family.”
― Henri J.M. Nouwen

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Anonymous said...

I understand this entirely. If you figure it out, please let me know.