Monday, November 22, 2010

evolution. [or reinvented by canvas]

we looked like we'd just fallen from the sky.
do you know what that's like?
i heard a crack, just then.
be careful.
one of these times they'll push too far.
one of these days i'll completely disappear.
i look the same. but something's shifted.
anyway, we shot higher and higher until the engines cut off.
in attempts to stall.
i felt myself passing out.
she's always offering good advice and holistic remedies.
i am forgetful and wooed by science.
scorned by science.
in the name of it all. survival of the fittest.
or some poor excuse for selfish behaviour.
a friend of mine gave me a painting, and on it are the words, "they liked me better dead."
but that's not true is it.
i am whatever you say i am./not./am./not.
so if i can take the same 26 letters and reorder them...
if i can take the same words taught to me and rearrange them...
if i can take the same 88 keys and transpose them...
then i will take these bones and reinvent them.
i will take these tears and bury them.
i will take this heart and veil it.
you'll see glimpses and no more.
tell what she was like, because this one won't leave a trace.
some vacant memory of a well-meaning piece of carbon.
weary light.
once brave. now sighed.
and the sky swallowed her whole.

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