Sunday, October 24, 2010


last night, i lost my mind.
anger surfaced and found its home in well-formed words, which ranted and raved and this heart sang a song of fury and weakness. tears came. the kind that prick your eyes. screaming left the throat sore. that ache, that wailing, that frustration, that deep groan of the soul that refuses to be quieted. the one that questions the existence of heaven while declaring that a touch from it is the only thing that will do. sometimes those moments of absolute violent honesty are necessary to a soul like mine.
last night i lost my mind.
something shifted for better or for worse.
i feel like a drill sergeant for the special forces has pushed me to my limits and handed my arse to me on a platter, only to show me, we've only just begun... and i have more in me than this.
why is losing or failure an option?
last night, i lost my mind.
and it may have been just what i needed.

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