Wednesday, July 8, 2009

In the middle of the night
It just exploded like the 4th of July
Lit up the sky
Little heart just running away with fire
At 12 o’clock
On the dot
I woke from my heavy sleep
To watch the sparks go flying
From my chest down to my feet

Oh oh c’mon baby
And figure it out
Take the time you need
But oh oh c’mon baby
Hold on tight
Or let me leave
Oh oh c’mon honey
The door is wide open
And I could start running
Oh oh c’mon baby
It just can’t stay this way

Oh little boy
I’m a toy
Sitting there on the shelf
Watch anger rise up in his eyes
If I’m touched by someone else
Have your cake, eat it all
And back me up to the wall
You’re the one I want
But I am not
I am not yours at all

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