Wednesday, July 8, 2009

8 Juillet 2009.

I am on a writing rampage apparently. The following posts contain poems, songs-in-progress, and dreams.
Herein lies my heart...

I mean to
That is, to say,
I fully intend to
haunt you
with songs to trace your limbs in sunlight
After soaking up the dark
Bathtub filled with moonlight
Showered in the stars
Collected on the pages
My thoughts in smudgy ink
Lay beneath the branches
Help you just to think
All the embers glowing
Last night’s fires in the sand
Counting slow in whispers
Strings are singing in your hands
And here, against the lonely lonely
tremors of the night
we were swallowed up
by tender compositions of the light
We’ve told all of the secrets
Confessed all of our sins
In silence,
Absolution starts to blossom in our skin
Breathe deep
With eyes now closing
Come dream with me again

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