Thursday, July 9, 2009

9 juillet, 2009.

painted the walls red with angry fists
coloured the air in with violence taken from these wrists
torrents of molecules ran from me
i raged against the dividing seas
black bird flew away with the key
hole in my chest, once full, now empty
act surprised by the turning events
teary-eyed asking where all the love went
your beloved fades with the receding tides
bones show through
where only scorn abides
you've dressed her up, paraded her
the new girl about town
romanticism ran away
you took her and held her down
she wraps herself in lies and pretty garmets of rejection
when you're gone she beats herself
into the shape of some perfection
have you any bells of recollection?
she'd pay to pass just one inspection
leave her there, it's cold out now
always overcomes somehow
and wipes the sweat from tired brows
and takes more than one should allow
so tonight while fire grows in the sky
from bridges burning out of sight
she cries to sleep and wakes to cry
with sorrow in her lullabyes
this is the only place you'll hear such things
your beloved is fading out of me.

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