Monday, May 25, 2009

is there anyone else who has slightly mysterious bruises?

the last 48 hours have involved...
  • crossing the atlantic. sleep deprivation. 
  • watching 'he's just not that into you'. 
  • falling asleep to nme radio. (it was comforting. not lulling me to sleep) 
  • the nicest quickest trip through immigration. 
  • 2 cab rides to 2 streets with the same name.
  • hugs.
  • sleepin. extended 4 hour catnap, really.
  • listening to arsenal vs. stoke. tom's side ...far too loud, boys. i could hear you from here.
  • friend-makin.
  • wine sippin. 
  • story-telling.
  • hugs and kisses.
  • sleeping in.
  • shoppin.
  • spaghetti bolonaise. & garlic bread
  • going out. again.
pictures - 0.
and it's only day 2. weeeeeee!

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