Sunday, May 17, 2009

sore throat in the morning. sore throat at night...

i need to be better by the end of the week.
heck, the end of today would suffice nicely.
it's 11:39 am and i'm headed back to bed.
jeepers, mister wilson.
also, i think i have progressed from shaking hands, to hugging, to now full on clinging to singleness. i mean, people are strange things.
so, confirmed bachelorette? YES. i think i like the sound of it more and more.
unfortunately, we all know that there is this jane austin creature living inside. but perhaps we can ship her off to mexico to catch the swine flu, and she'll be quarantined and not come back. hehehehehehe. devious.
finally, i'd also like to try scotch. is that weird that i haven't? or is it more weird that i have this thing about wanting to have a bottle of it that sits on the mantle.
i dont even have a mantle. but if i did...
man, bring back rex harrison-henry higgins type.
because i think we could be best friends.

clearly, without even reading this back, i need sleep.
you know, and therapy.

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