Saturday, May 23, 2009

sing, oh barren woman. fill the air with songs...

apart from the fact that i'm about to wet myself about leaving for london tomorrow... i feel strangely at rest in another facet of my life. like something good is brewin' and is about to begin. like something has ended. and it's been the most annoying sound. like, the kind of sound the chisels itself into your brainwaves. the sort of noise that even when it stops you swear you can hear it? that kind. so as soon as the echoes stop... i'll absorb the silence. and then sing.

it's coming for me.

and finally, dear kasabian and west.ryder.pauper.lunatic.asylum... hurry up.
i mean, don't hurry, cos that would mean it's june already.
but i mean, i'm just letting you know

i am artistically and visually crushed out.

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