Tuesday, May 12, 2009

use somebody.

it seems i'm responding to allergies in a super bad way this season.
it also seems that a certain frustrating and annoying condition has come back after almost a year of relief. it's not cancerous, which is what i should be most thankful for. oh gosh, i'm so so thankful. (oh i realise this sounds very STD-ish. and i assure you it's not) however, it's still incredibly bothersome, and requires me to go back on a medication which i have strong reservations about taking. but it's really the only thing til i can work out surgery.

in spite of all this...
  • i have wonderful friends who are so good at coming through to lift me up.
    and make me laugh til i'm crying good tears.
    and encourage me to get my mind off my silly fears and anxieties. (as well as a hand to walk through my justified ones.) i'm trying to get better about asking for help when i need it.
  • currently, my heart is in london, nashville, argentina (what? they travel!), nyc, texas, california and fredericksburg.
  • a girl stopped me in starbucks today because she liked the necklace i was wearing. she then took the pendant in her hands and inspected it closely. she apologized for invading my personal space…we had a quick little chat…and she made her way. i’m not sure why, but there was some strange comfort in the whole thing. perhaps because it made the world feel a little less disconnected for a minute.
  • emilia and i were separated at birth. fact.
  • i wish i could curl up with you and go to sleep.

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