Saturday, June 5, 2010

night terror [becoming a ghost.]

I saw the horror pass
The draining of her face
Saw the laughter take its leave
And never leave a trace
And in the fabric of my skin
There lies rejection stains
And they aren’t coming out
They won’t be erased

We’re all running scared
All so ill-prepared
Is this what it’s about?
Is time just running out?
Packing up my bags
speeding through the street
Avoid the lying eyes
Of everyone I meet
Release me.

A ribbon held the papers
All so perfectly aligned
Requests for her beloved’s heart
To come home were declined
A thousand ‘no’s repeating
Upon all those golden sheets
Behind a veil of tears
Descended clouds of deepest grief

[photo: sarah moon.]

1 comment:

Elizabeth Angela said...

I love sarah moon's photography.... amazing choice of image... her images are just exquisite. Also.. really lovely writing. x