Thursday, June 3, 2010

baby's got the lonesome lows...

i just want goodness to pound beats on my door like a drummer, for love to woo me with songs at my window, while joy, hope and peace play a stringed quartet. i'll answer.

sometimes you just need some good tunes.
i got into an accident yesterday...
in rush-hour traffic, a guy slammed on his breaks and i couldn't stop fast enough.
i am fine. the front passenger side of my car (i'm american, mind... so that side.) is smashed up. but it could be so much worse.
it seems my paying more for a lower deductible has paid off... and all will begin to be sorted tomorrow. le sigh.
fun part is that the guy was jewish - wearing a yarmulke and a lonnnnng beard. he was sweet as pie and offering me water and making such a fuss to be sure i was alright. i was getting his information, as you do... and he then, asks me if it's my husbands car. i tell him i dont have a husband. he asks me again to be sure he's heard me right, as he didn't seem to believe me. so he asked about a boyfriend. i said, nope. and he's like... "waaaait. so you're do you say... single?" i'm like, hah. yep. he's now quite eager to get my information and gets super excited about my marital status, and tells me the next time he comes this way from brooklyn (where he lives) he is going to stop in and see me... however, i'd never be able to be buried in a jewish cemetary if i did convert, because i've got a tattoo and have plans for another. made it fun, nonetheless. (i am giggling to myself typing this.)

after a wonderful weekend in nashville, i am missing my besties.
i am a relational creature.
and i've got a case of the lonelies.
but guess what. this won't last for always. it won't last a second longer than it has to.
i may be lonely and frustrated with certain situations.
but i am loved. and for that, i am thankful.
i will not disregard the treasures in my hands because i'm too busy looking for something else.

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