Monday, June 7, 2010

i might be down, but i'm not dead in the water. [yet]

angry. low. depressed. enraged. livid. frustrated. hurt. confused. spiteful. sad. amused. sarcastic. sick. lunatic. novelty. hungry. thirsty. wanting. used. fighting. tempted. tricked. fool. waiting. sucker. anxious. weary. sleepless. jealous. disinterested. obsessed. closed. failing. tired of losing. tired of assholes. tired of the same story. tired of apologies. i can't hear you. i won't hear you. tired of forgiving. sick of one-way street relationships. disappointed. lonely. withdrawn. forgotten. distrustful.
i just stopped believing.
you win.
what could you do to me? it's not new to me.
i belong to no one.

move along.

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