Thursday, October 22, 2009

echoes in the alleyway. footsteps in the hall. my love is comin' my way in this house full of mirrors.

little word of advice...
don't ignore your sleepy cold meds when they kick in. unless you want your body screaming at your brain to shut down... and having these half-delirium dreams that keep getting stuck.
i was listening to the beatles in my head. then little joy. then i got mad cos the song wouldn't change.
see. should NOT ignore the nyquil.
oh but, it won't end there.
you see, today i'm going out of my mind. my body's all limp and sleepy...and my brain is just screaming wakeupwakeupwakeupwakeupwakeup!!!!!!!! in a way very similar to that of a 4 year old at 6am christmas morning.

so this doves song just came on. and it took me back to that time when things felt alright. when that boy made me laugh every day. and all my girls felt so close. and good things were just around the corner. and in the meantime i was just getting into the swing of the job. funny how a song can do that.

but it's today.
soak it up.

i'm nervous about the weekend. i may be sick.

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