Tuesday, October 20, 2009

broken heart's hymnal. [page 20]

I loathe the distance between us two
Oceans of space that only makes us blue
Misunderstanding all these messages
Emotionless text to say just how it is
I heard the cracking of your inner core
Clear as the knocking on my own front door
Only tried to offer you a helping hand
Didn’t mean to drive us into a dead end

Please come back to me
Oh bring your sweet heart back to me

Sweet autumn morning turned to dullest night
I didn’t argue or put up a fight
Tried to turn my heart into a block of ice
But we know a cold coquettish girl’s not nice
Brown eyes reflect the brand new harvest moon
Begging for something good to find them soon
Broken hearts chorus in the sweet refrain
Asking their lovers to come back again

Singin’ Please come back to me
Oh bring your sweet heart back to me
…and make the sadness flee from me.
p.s. -
and the magic that happens when the seasons change guards... the dance that unfolds while they link their arms and falling leaves kiss jack frost... all that stopped with another act of senseless violence. and their hearts were robbed blind. and it all got cold.
(love to the lerose family.)

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