Wednesday, June 6, 2012

these things i can't explain.

years of laments poured out.
countless tears wept...
wept faithfully.
wept without control.
without consolation.
begging for your hand to move.
for your words to be heard.
interminable darkness looming and threatening.
clinging to the invisible repetitions
on the end of every stanza...
do not be afraid.
and every space the weight of the word
and we resigned ourselves to the rhythms of the days.
the seemingly endless
seemingly hopeless days merging with nights merging with days...
and time has flown
and yet crawled by.
like a man limping, each step with searing pain.
and you remember the longing that will not fade away.
and you offer your bit of courage and your last bit of faith
mustard seed telling the mountain to move out of the way.
and these things i can't explain...
the moment when you think you've gone stark raving mad
obviously seeing things...
because you could swear that there is color creeping into the sky
but to be tricked into false hope...
well, you'd much rather die.
but assuredly it spread and the wings could be heard
the wings of the morning.
and it's undeniable now, the delicious palette of the morning star
and the answers are coming softly
all in plain sight
more beautiful than your anxious head could've ever pictured it
the dream coming true
the desire fulfilling
the hope rising
the prayers answered
the weight lifting
muscles easing
and suddenly you're trembling, almost terrified to believe
afraid it's all a mirage
afraid you've been had
and it sinks in...
sinks slowly down
and all you can do is weep.
weep with thanksgiving
out of the deepest gratitude
and you cry harder than you did when it all began
because these things i can't explain.

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