Thursday, June 14, 2012

the fourteenth day of june, in a place of madness.

what pretty little dolls we are
in our new blouses
buttoned to the very tip top.
so very old fashioned...
in order to go along with a new fashion
in front of a backdrop of sleaze.
eager girls gapingly insecure - pretending to be women
throwing themselves at all the passing men
with their batting lashes and the clever disguise of friend
pulsating goodness
when they are everything but.
and why are the lads so oblivious to the fact that they are ripe with nothing but disease
their hearts full of a cancer
seek and destroy.
it's us versus them.
but it really isn't, is it.
funny how life goes.
karma never quite pays out equally
hearts don't break evenly
and the good hearts have to fight to stay hopeful.
oh what a madly disappointing place.

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