Thursday, June 14, 2012

bled white.

i will own every word of this.
don't you go getting scared or let your judgements get the best of you
or me.
that heavy shadow was making impressions on my passenger seat as i drove.
telling me the same old kinds of things.
a little disoriented. a little out of context.
distortion at it's finest.
and you really believe your death will do the world a great service
but the sound of breaking hearts and tear-wrecked faces...
well, that just keeps you alive
alive with your breaking heart and tear wrecked face.
hooked up to the great machine.
as soon as i pull my body from the covers in the morning...
my mind is at the post
one footfall to the floor and with a shot it is off
like some great champion horse from the gates of the derby
and i, the jockey, still wet behind the ears
inexperienced rider saying...
"oh my god, just hold on."
and all the world flies past as if it's being yanked by the gods
the scenery on a treadmill
going far too fast
and inside of my mind it's all so real
so vivid
as real as the day is blue
and i can't quite come to terms with the facts of the matter
i remember when he'd say that i made him a hyperactive mess
i remember how it felt with the pet names
the songs and mixtapes
like it's all become shrouded in smoke
and it's nearly impossible to see the truth
but the words are building up like molecules of water behind the three gorges dam
and all of the emotions that have grown attached
and all of the memories
and really, i think it would be best if you just sat down in an easy chair
on an easy street
in a quiet part of town
and just listened to it spill from me
before the stars fall from my eyes forever
before the streams run red.
and move.
move for me this time.
act on my behalf this time.
fight for me.
before the stars fall from my eyes forever
before the streams run red.
before my heart is bled white.
cross it and hands on bibles
oaths and promises and pinky swears
i'll not break them.
but i'll speak the truth
before it breaks me.

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