Thursday, May 31, 2012

quite telling, isn't it?

what do you want for your birthday?
just like christmas, but without santa's lap.
it's funny how we spout off all of the things we want...
but when put on the spot, nothing seems to come out.
like it's wrong to answer.
and you couldn't think of anything anyway.
well it's a month away.
birthdays make me freak out.
they make me reassess life.
question where i am and what i am doing
and who is in it.
it's quite nerve-racking.
quite disturbing.
i think i'd very much like to get away someplace and be loved on.
i'd like to have a couple of conversations without someplace i have to be...
i'd like to express myself without being judged.
without any responses in anger.
i'd like questions calmly answered.
i would like to be understood.
i would like to understand.
and feel like a princess.
beautiful and adored.
eat really amazing food.
and a dairy queen icecream cake. oooobviously.
and have some sort of adventure to go along with it.
someplace i've never been.
and pictures to flip back through later.

well. that's quite telling, isn't it?

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