Thursday, May 17, 2012

lost and found.

the pages gaped back at me
i stared them down
waiting for them to read my mind
and get it right
coloring in and out of the lines
just to see which one felt better
and doing away with the lines altogether
or maybe that's just what i want to be able to do
i walked slowly and purposefully
into her line of vision
because i could use a little courage here
i wonder if they'll be able to find me
i'm not positive where it is that i've gone
for the first time in a long time i am sure...
of this heart.
of this breath.
of myself...
and yet, a bit uncertain.
a bit lost.
but that's the beginning of true adventure, isn't it?
i wonder,
if i find my way into the chair
will you?
i wonder,
if i began to speak
would they find me?
i wonder,
if you took a couple of steps forward
even just once or twice
if you'd find me?

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