Thursday, December 2, 2010

sylvia plath.

"I had imagined a kind, ugly intuitive man looking up and saying "Ah!" in an encouraging way, as if he could see something I couldn't, and then I would find words to tell him how I was so scared, as if I were being stuffed farther and farther into a black, airless sack with no way out. Then he would lean back in his chair and match the tips of his fingers together in a little steeple and tell me why I couldn't sleep and why I couldn't read and why I couldn't eat and why everything people did seemed so silly, because they only died in the end.

And then, I thought, he would help me, step by step, to be myself again."

- Sylvia Plath from 'The Bell Jar'

I feel like she wrote me in a matter of sentences.
It explains absolutely everything.

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