Sunday, December 20, 2009

think. thank. thunk.

mom spent the night last night. slumber party. woot!
we got up early this morning, because she's one of those manditory employees at the hospital. we got things going rather well, but when it came to getting back to the worn path, was a bit tough.
so a bunch of men in the neighbourhood helped my mom get her truck... unstuck.
then, my neighbour and i dug paths from our houses to the cars.
a guy down the street offered to help me... twice. and also offered me coffee.
what is this the twilight zone?
i like it though.
however, i'm very close to calling 911.
because that man has stirred my need for a white mocha.
i need starbucks.
i can't drive (they haven't plowed yet...) and i need it.
i'm developing cabin fever big style, and not a soul is on chat.

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