Sunday, December 20, 2009

good news. bad news.

rest in peace, beautiful brittany...

good news...
ratm = #1 christmas.
i dont have anything in particular against x-factor...exactly. i
think the reason this is so exciting... the deeper thing happening, is that a bunch of people got together to make something happen. to change something. i was just talking to my manager about that... about how corrupt the governments are. but the real issues are things we can do in spite of the government. we, as a people, without borders, without needing a bill passed in congress, without the house of parliament... we the people, as citizens of the earth, can change something if we want to. if an old rage against the machine song can top the charts over x-factor, what else can we accomplish??

p.s. my neighbour is snow-blowing us out. the state won't plow our street, as it's private, and no one else has come to do it yet.
i'm learning a deep lesson today about the goodness of people. still.

take that grinchy.

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