Friday, December 18, 2009

martha, my dear...

what is this?!?!

  • remembrance week for ____________? i dont need to have fond memories right now. i'm tired of that place being sore. i'm...just bein' honest. i hate when things aren't resolved. i hate losing friends. moreover, i hate losing people you care about for no good reason. if he could hear me, i'd shout, "listen, fool, i effing miss you. i miss you a lot, now get over your weirdness and let's go back to the start! this is beyond stupid and ridiculous and wank."
  • i hate knowing that nothing you say or do will change how a situation is.
  • overdraft fun. 2 weeks of cutting it close.
    (thankfully christmas shopping is complete. just need to ship some packages and mail some cards.)
  • more tears last night.
  • and i still can't even talk about my family. ugh.
  • i'm grinched in hipster glasses and a victoria's secret santa hat.

so let's calm down and change the subject.
or just watch this instead:

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