Sunday, November 29, 2009

liverpool vs. chelsea

to be or not to be.
i liked today a whole lot.
went on a day trip to liverpool with the manager to go meet with ken nelson. we got there early to beat the game traffic...and have a sunday roast (y.u.m.) and watch the game. liverpool/everton. 2 - nil. WIN.
however, i'm still in the last stages of choosing my allegiance. choosing the british premier league team which shall have my hand and my heart forevermore.
liverpool? or chelsea?
london? or liverpool?
after watching the game in a pub whilst eating glorious food, we headed in the absolute freeeezing cold to parr street studios. sat down with pz and had a cuppa tea. which were actually cups, and individual tea pots and, of course, sugar cubes.
ken arrived, and i like him. i like him a whole lot. and now comes the sorting of details... *sigh* so i shall wait to let the cat out of the bag. but i'm very excited indeed.
played a yamaha piano. and we all just talked about music and how it moves you...
and about the first time i heard the parachutes album.
and how moments like that, when you realise you're doing something good, make you understand you're doing music for the right reasons.
we, then headed back to london, which took far longer than the trip up. we listened to awful music on radio 1. talked about political things... and i liked just listening to another perspective.
i am all cozy in the flat, and my favourite boys are gone. but messages have kept me company... and i'm very sleepy indeed.
i really want to read my book, but i'm not so sure sherlock holmes is a good thing before bed.
the mind reels.

tut tut. feels like home.

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