Friday, November 27, 2009

black friday.

happy belated thanksgiving, loves!
i am thankful for my friends. because i have some beautiful ones.
and i am bursting with thanks for my family.
i had thanksgiving lunch with my grandma yesterday...and dinner was on a virgin atlantic flight.

on top of everything else, it seems i've made a clean sweep of all of those relationships with a "pending" status. and i am pretty sure they're all over. it was incredibly hard to do, but sometimes you just have to stand up for yourself. sometimes that's by quietly getting up and walking out and closing the door behind you. sometimes, that's by sitting down and clearly getting things off of your chest, and as lovingly as possible saying... this can't happen anymore.
i'm calm. but a little achey.
i'm tired. a little sad.
but a little hopeful.
and still thankful.
this morning, i landed in london with a headache and bleary eyes. and got in the cab to head to clive's and found myself getting more and more nauseated by the second. so i quickly emptied my little urban outfitters free tote that came with a magazine just in case i had to get reacquainted with dinner. awful. thankfully, at that precise moment, the cab driver decided to open the window for a bit. and everything calmed down.
arrived at clive & matt's and have spent the morning thus far, drinking delicious pressed coffee, listening to nme radio and being all internety.

and now, it's time to go make some stories.

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