Sunday, February 8, 2009

happiness hit her like a bullet in the back.

dear ____________, (fill your name in here)

  • i fight tigers, apparently. who knew?
  • i have learned a secret handshake.
  • also. i have a beloved friend named tom. he takes pictures. and shakes tambourines. and fills his house with feathers. he also has a trampoline. and makes me laugh pretty much every single day. you can see all these things right here (just keep watching the boy in black with the camera)...well, except for my laughter. you can't really seeee that can you:

  • thanks for the tunes. (and best of 2008) i am now in a dreamworld of andrew bird, animal collective, florence & the machince, and still bon iver.
  • the new songs are nearly done. and thank god, because i'm going broke.
  • i've got the dreamer's disease, kids. it's bad. it's malignant actually. and i'm ok with that. i absolutely have to be doing music. i'm just not a 9-5 girl, and never will be. but, gosh, i'm going to try to make the best of all this. =)
  • i spent some time with this little boy from down the street. sweet.crazy.adorable kid. in our conversation, it made me sad how very little innocense he has left at 8 years old. he's got so much energy. he just can't stand still. such a typical boy. i LOVE it! but it makes me heart sick that it isn't being directed properly. so much i could say... but that's another post. before i left for the studio, he asked when i'd be home, cos he wanted to hang out with me. and then he asked for a hug before i left. hahahaha oh goodness gracious me.
  • i think i'm going to choose hugs from my babies and time with my girls over a date with rufus wainright in nyc. it's a likely possibility.

i miss you,