Saturday, August 18, 2012

act i - it's ok

the curtain rises
and the performance is award winning
and i'm so lost in the role that i've convinced myself
convinced myself
i'm going mad
counting down for doctor's visits
because they make medications
to tell the storm to be still
to make the roaring a little less loud
because i'm not certain of walking on water
and i'm not certain of sailing this ship
those in the know put their cards on the table
and turn them
turn them
turn them.
i waited to hear whether to keep the bridges in tact
or to simply
burn them
burn them
learn from them.
i'll not lift a hand to strike
i'll not allow my mouth to curse
i'll not wish an ill
just the turning of will
just the opening of eyes
just the healing of wounds
and as you walk up from the basement
your prayers will multiply
and you'll see me waiting
on the other side

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