Monday, January 9, 2012

right where we belong.

so many conversations lately where we're all second guessing ourselves...
our decisions...
because we have these good hearts that don't want to waste precious time.
because we have these golden hearts that don't want to cause anyone pain.
because our heart's desire to do the right thing.
to make everyone that matter proud of us.
to make everyone who love us happy.
at least to try.

but the answers aren't easy.
and it's in the process.
it's in the journey that all of these marvelous things will be shown.
it's in the day to day that our dreams take shape.
it's not letting go, though it feels like a year has been wasted on working out the details or just holding together the main pieces.

and so, my sweet hearts, be flooded in grace.
be free.
the answers aren't easy.
the storylines are complicated and complex.
and sometimes you'll want the world to end beginning with you.
gripping with fingertips.
sometimes it will feel like you have failed.
sometimes it will feel absolutely hopeless.
but, unwrap this gift...
you are right where you belong.
right here.
right now.
when it is time to move, we'll be moved.
when it's time to stay, we'll be anchored.
i may not know or understand much of anything.
and most definitely have no idea how any of this will turn out...
but this is right.
and now, love extravagantly, right where you are.
because the only regret will be that your love was with-held
and that you didn't allow yourself to be loved.
irregardless of where we're going.
irregardless of where we've been.
nothing is missing.
nothing is being withheld.
we have everything we need today.
you are right where you belong.
i am right where i belong.
we are the only ones in our way.

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