Friday, January 7, 2011

the only one standing in your way is you.

he started writing again, and he let me see the fragments that escaped his self control. busy-ness has this way of helping one to build a wall of protection. it's the perfect guise for wall building because you're not exactly meaning to. just the acceleration for time. and time well spent. studying. reading. working. productive. but, careful... art will never be held in. it will always find it's way out. and it will always surprise you when it does. and most often, it will kiss you as a beautiful patient wife who's waited for your glance. she won't make you feel guilty, but you'll feel it in the depths of her touch... because you'll realise you've missed out.

he started writing again and it made me believe. like some new report had been released on the proof that goodness exists. that love still blooms in the hearts of men. that affection can possess a man's mind and cause him to sing like a fool in the street.

yesterday, i walked into starbucks and i told a story to my friend. she cried for my heart.

today, a friend saw me in a way that made me both fascinated and frightened.
he said i wasn't using my emotional range.
he likened me to some dangerous raging fire that if set loose could set the world ablaze.
he said he hopes he's around when i finally let go and release it.
the scary part is, i think he could be right.
he also likened me to the white swan vs. black swan.
the scary part is, i think he could be right.

our hearts are strong.
our hearts are fragile.
we take a lot.
but we'll only take so much.

sorry it's been a while.
like the first friend, i spoke of... i've been busy.
but it will find its way out in spite of myself.

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MeLissa said...

I loved Loved LOVED this post.
Miss you.