Monday, April 5, 2010

i could hear you singin to me in my sleep.

It’s just occurred to me, that it’s been a minute since I’ve given any sort of substantial update.
The last couple of days have been quite eventful and are as follows…

I took off Good Friday, because I couldn’t see myself sitting in traffic for 4 hours like I did last year. Good thing I did because traffic was just as bad as anticipated, aaaand I pulled a muscle in my back. WAYHEY!
So went to the doctor and received my first ever rx for muscle relaxers. So long insomnia. Hello dreamland.
While I was there, it seems my phone was the place to be. And I missed the party. So, Saturday morning, I remedied that by getting on the phone first thing in the morning with Vanessa for a good hour.
I was super excited about the surprise visit from my mom. So all the girls (my mom, grandma and I) went for some yummy Chinese food.
Went back to the house shrouded in the fog that was left over from my muscle-relaxed sleep… to pack up a few odds and ends for Pittsburgh. Dan came down with a stomach virus, and so, I was on my own.
Twas a lovely drive, actually. Very nostalgic driving through parts of West Virginia to Pennsylvania, taking the same route we’d take to my step-dad’s family reunion. Also, it still amazes me that my step-dad is able to give two sets of directions from the top of his head that match the google map and mapquest directions almost identically. Ridiculous.
Arrived in Pittsburgh at sunset…

The rest of the evening involved making friends with a lovely girl called Katie, people watching, and all kinds of fun/random conversation/road-tripping/story-telling with these lads:

They’re pretty much amazing. I’m in love with all of them… in a family sort of way, I mean. And you should be too. Also, I’ve decided to keep them. And their show was swell. I laughed a lot.
I also received a marriage proposal via drunk dial, which may have been the best of my life thus far. And I've decided that I will say yes. So, I guess I'm gettin married. So, there's that.

At 4:30am Easter morning, Michael pointed out to me, that it was the time that I usually wake up for work. That was a gross realization. Especially, as we weren’t even close to calling the evening to a close.
Also, my ipod died easter morning. (RIP Winston III) I wanted to weep. Fortunately, I was having THAT much fun, that I didn’t get too very sad. However, my drive home from ohio was a bit strained with only cds.(yeah, about that ohio thing… 1.5 hours in the wrong direction seemed far easier than 4.5 hours home at 2something in the morning.) But, it was nice revisiting some old doves records and modest mouse and beatles in CD collection form... yessss. However, after a decent night’s sleep, the impact of loss has been felt. Cue grief.

And it took foooooorever thanks to the gps trying to take me the most ridiculous routes EVER. Thanks blackberry for your effective google maps gps whiiiich saved the day. If my step-dad is unavailable, I shall consult it first.
Just realized I haven’t eaten since Saturday afternoon. However, this may be breakfast…

it's kind of too cute to eat, though.
Finally, it seems I’m full of worry again. I need a cup of patience with room for grace and at least 3 packets of hope.
All is well. All will be well. – this should be my mantra.