Wednesday, February 3, 2010

unprovoked. [secret door.]

It’s the completely unrelated songs.
The ones that just sneak up on you.
Completely unprovoked and they remind you.
Sounds nothing like him.
Just some northern boy singing songs he doesn’t even like.
I can hear it go all quiet in my head…
like putting the headphones on and the music starts quietly…
pulls you in someplace else.
Any idea how many songs I’ve sung to him?
(I wonder who makes this boy sing like that…)
Well, you’ll only hear it for a second, because hear comes the distant sound of pretty hollowed eggshells cracking just beneath my coat.
Sometimes I wish this world was equipped with a secret door for each of us.
A place where we can just be excused for a few minutes…
Where we can slip away unnoticed…
Just for a little while.
A place where tears can flow. Where hearts can break and mend in solitude.
Close the door and release the stress for a moment.
As it is, my head hurts from wanting...
I walk around like everything is fine.
And sometimes it is.
Until days like this when my body reminds me that it isn’t fine at all.

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