Sunday, February 14, 2010

i am nobody's little weasle.

i am the self proclaimed scrooge of valentine's day. with candy apple red nails, varying shades of pink eye-shadow, heart drawing obsessed maniac who's really a hopeless romantic at the core.
or maybe spring has just sprung, and i'm real into this whole romantic spring trend.

i don't think valentine's day is over-commercialized. what does that really even mean?! no no. you like romance, but hate when everyone in the world is celebrating it at the same time? kind of like when your favourite underground band gets all famous overnight. but really, what's wrong with that? in fact, i like the idea of everyone celebrating love and painting the town red and pink and talk of cupids and mythology and all the lace and candy (godiva. i meeeeean) and the manna that falls from heaven each year in victoria's secret stores. hearts on starbucks cups. valentine cards. flowers. it's like the thanksgiving parade kick-off for spring. it's the eve to beauty coming out of the barren chill of winter. and don't get me wrong, i love me some winter, but it's lovely. and valentine's day with your best friends or as a teacher is the bees knees. i mean, wonnnnderful.thing is, i like valentine's day, but being a spectator gets very boring. there's a club of lovers, and i'm not part of it. i am nobody's girl. there's all of this festive loveliness, and im a spectator. deeper still though, i say bah-humbug, because my belief in romantic love being something wonderful and tangible... is waning.
and so i am finding the alternative... being some sort of girl version of a sherlock holmes or victorian bachelor gentleman sounds strangely alright. you know, just without the heroin use and cocaine addiction. how bout coffee being my vice with an occasional brandy alexander? yes. i think this will suffice.

i'm loved deeply by my family and my friends.
and i've never been anyone's valentine. i've never known a boy who really gave a toss about my heart. and i'm not very sure i will... nor that i want to, if marriage ends in 1 of 2 'D's. divorce or death.

and so, my dear "nieces and nephews."
let love prevail and my heart be siezed with courage.
and in the meantime, "you keep valentine's day in your way, and let me keep it in mine."

hooray for the blooms of spring and it's fever... that i'm finally allowing to blend with the greys and blacks of my wardrobe. WOOT!
and the beauty of my family and friends.
for you:

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Danielle said...

I can't even figure out how I feel about Valentines I just ignored it.