Monday, February 1, 2010

couple things.

i miss arley. i miss sitting on the floor painting to coldplay or bjork.
nonetheless, let's get out the paints and canvas and maybe a sharpie.
last night involved scissors, paper and pillow talk.
i sent myself about 5 songs that i'd written on friday.
looks like i got a fever rush of creativity. and i am not arguing.

last night i had absurd dreams... involving being chased, sitting in a little fenced-in space in the middle of times square, and trying to fight someone and not being able to hit them hard enough. weird. the rest of the night, i was trying to get to sleep.
so this morning, i'm sleepy and worn out.
my tape adapter for my ipod decided to hit the bricks.
nme radio is not working.
it's chilly in the office.
my coffee was warmish.
but my co-worker just walked in with a candy bracelet for me.
happy monday, y'all.

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