Tuesday, September 8, 2009

dream a little dream of me...

is it crazy that i may just charge/spend the $200-something for the box-set of remastered beatles albums?
i don't even care.
last night i dreamt i met my mccartney. oh. man. what a dream boat.
and then, i was talking with emilia over coffee, telling her every detail... you know. i was excited, apparently.
i miss her. i miss my girlfriends... arley and stephanie and amanda and mallori and vanessa and colleen and sarah and elena and gemma and... hohum.
i miss good conversations... and sweet favourite 'bestest' boys (who say i'm a favourite too, and they don't just recycle empty words to all of the girls.) and late nights spent dancing and cuddling/drinking wine/making mischief/laughing til my face and sides hurt and talking and secretly making fun of the lovers at love-circle... also the foxes. ahem.

i keep trying to remember, the whole 'this too shall pass'. it's just a seasonal thing. so much good is stirring. this... well, this is like an isle of seasonal weirdness in the grocery store. and before long, they'll change the setup to coincide with the magical things of autumn, and my shopping cart will be overflowing with goodness.

oh and i'm crossing my fingers and toes and even my eyes if it'll help.
i'm bursting to spill the beans!!!

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