Thursday, August 13, 2009

shake me, skyscraper.

Take her in to that space.
The span becoming an embrace.
Note her way. Her pace.
Sweet, Innocent face.
But, If her secrets were plain
Would you see things the same?
If you knew the sentences and crimes
Her hands brimming with fines

Would you ever guess
She was a mistress
Lost a game or two of conquest
Tried to take on the very best
And so run to her defense
A truth we all can sense
She didn’t know better
Like a bird sings from the fetters

Look deep in her eyes
They cannot speak lies
But they have known lies
Like a corpse strewn with flies
Like the first, was deceived
Like the first, she would bleed
Like the first, he’d succeed
Like the first, he would flee

Scarlet letter on her chest
Moves so easy through the rest
Gently risen to the scaffold
Brushes past the baroness
Oh hush now, your heart, my sweet
As it cries out in defeat
This, the end of the story
It simply cannot be

For all fallen short
All adorned with skinned knees
Wrap her up in forgiveness?
Or hang her from the trees?
Cover her in shame?
Or renew her hope with grace?
Scars where tears where traced?
Or has love, all this, erased?

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