Friday, August 28, 2009

good afternoon, gentlemen.

i went to starbucks and it put me in the worst mood.
i know, unbelievable.
however, a conversation with guy put me in a lovely mood.
i didn't realise until then just how much i haven't talked about the excitement fluttering around:
one: there's a new track that's been recorded. (at metropolis and miloko studios in london) now on to the mix...
two: i have legal representation, officially. aw, snap!
three: things are moving along quite nicely.

it seems i've left my phone at home. which makes me feel unbelievably naked.
actually, i wouldn't mind so much were it not that i had to do the long commute and things.

my finger is just fine, albeit a little sore, after stabbing it with a pencil yesterday.
don't underestimate the power of no.2 pencils.

i want to buy a coffee press. and matt's coffee.

i think i could sleep for a week.

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