Friday, April 17, 2009

things unsaid./letters unsent.

  • funny how a pair of heels can make a girl feel so nice.
  • i'm not sure what this means, but by friday i really want nothing more than some red wine, favourite friends, an adventure, smart conversation, laughter and loads of lovely love.
  • dear sir, i feel like a fourth grade girl when her crush has just entered the room. where the heck did this come from? why are my cheeks pink? why is my heart racing? why are my hands cold? what in the WORLD?! but do you see me? i mean. i know you see me. but do you see beneath all this? hmmm. i totally don't need this right about now.
  • dear love, i'm sorry i'm afraid of you. that i doubt you. please don't ever leave on account of my idiocy and timidity. but then, that's the point, isn't it. you never ever will.
  • dear friend, there's no need to take it out on me. can we laugh instead? can i get mad/sad/with you? or can i help distract you? or lift your vision higher? i love you.
  • dear one, i still miss you. i noticed the tears have stopped. though i think about you a lot. more than you'll ever know, i think. but i've come to learn that you have gone crazy or become off-balance. not sure which. and i really hope you sort it out soon. i said, i miss you. gosh, we could be having fun.
  • dear beautiful, this you are. and you've made my life extra lovely because of it. i'm so so so thankful for you. thank you for just being you!
  • dear lovelies. you are so better than all of this. and that's really just the point. you are beautiful. stop chasing after that affirmation at the expense of others. that isn't worth it. your heart is worth more than that. guard each other. love each other. take care of each other. be mindful. it's not a race against each other. we're family. let's act like it. xxxxx
  • dearest brothers. stop. just stop. think. be practical. fight for us. finish what you start. and take responsibility for your actions. our hearts are gardens to be enjoyed. not looted. and you...YOU know better. you wouldn't let anyone get away with treating your little sister this way. oh. and just because a woman sees you and loves you hard just as you are, with a love beyond her means that gives you the grace to be all that you are, and the room to become...doesn't mean she's an angel or that she should be put on a pedestal. but she is a stunning treasure. a rare one. don't be an idiot and run from that. it's so good. and you will search but you won't ever find another love as good as hers. you'll find fleeting charm and manipulation dressed up as a sweet little hot tamale. lame. you're better than this.
  • dear mister_____, you are amazing. thoughtful. wonderful. strong. you should know this. you should be told this daily.
  • hey love. i wish you cared.
  • dear sir. what the heck happened???? thank you for breaking my heart. so much good has come out of it. and you've changed so drastically...i don't even recognize you anymore.
  • i won $100 today from a contest at work. =)
  • i wish i saw myself the way you see me. you are wonderful. absolutely wonderful!
  • dear babies, i miss you. i think of you more than your little minds can comprehend. it's springtime, and i'd much rather be in the park or drinking coffee and learning languages and taking walks and going on adventures and cuddling on the couch and singing songs... i hope you always know that part of me is always with you.

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