Tuesday, March 13, 2012

let's pretend.

let's pretend all the sound would stop for just a second.
that we could stand on the sidewalk hand in hand
and everything would start running backward
the whole world speeding past like a subway train
and we're on the platform
eyes close
eyes open
and all is new
there are no comparisons.
no questions.
i light up your face like a sunrise.
smiles and glittery eyes.
i'm the most beautiful girl in the world
your brown eyed girl
makes you use exclamation points
and talk incessantly
like a high that's good for you
i come alive like a flower unfolding
king by my side.
and all of the love notes
and kind words.
too much whiskey and wine leads to kisses
to be careless of how things sound
fear isn't around
isn't around to stir any pots.
there are no pots to be stirred
no secrets to be uncovered
nothing that would bring the stinging tears or wring my heart out.
your palette is full of the five senses
and you're constantly creating
and the words and melodies and harmonies
intertwining themselves with chords and keys
and i'll sing it out so you can hear me
because we're home.
because we're safe.
let's pretend it was all a bad dream.
kissed awake.
eyes open.
and all is new.

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