Tuesday, June 14, 2011

it's morning here.

i wrote it down once

i said that if it ever happened to me

i'd search the dictionary for words to explain

and i wouldn't stop til the language was exhausted

and all i can do is absorb the peace

it fell like the dew in the morning

we were just contented in our houses

behind our walls

or pretending to be

like modern man looking at everything through a lens

and someone threw open a window

all i can do is breathe in hallelujahs

all my tongue can speak is thanks

every corner illuminated with enchantment

the southern heavy heated summer nights can't suffocate it

and the rains can't wash it away

rather dance in it

and i could dance all night

it feels like all of the stars are the soundtrack

filled in with laughter spilling from the heavens

like a rainy season after a draught

and then, i find myself quiet


and unsure of what to say

content to be reticent

a quiet peace mingling in the flames

it sounds like all of my favorite songs

all of my favorite sounds

ebbs and flows

arms outstretched

happy to be overcome by this…

this orchestra weaving it's symphonies around me

like when we stood being wrapped up together

they danced around us

and some things blur

and some things become clearer

and some things disappear completely

and so many things unseen are waiting for us

waiting for us to make them move

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