Thursday, May 20, 2010

makin a list. checkin it twice.

i'm getting inspiration for a photoshoot in a couple of weeks.
meanwhile, it seems my stomach has declared a hunger strike because of the stress/turmoil/heartsickness/anxieties or in a word, mania i've been processing. oi.
however, this could work out in my favour come photoshoot time. bang. bang. rock and roll.

question of the day... why do i have art brut tunes stuck in my head today?

really though... point is, i need to get a plan sorted. a real concrete plan. for what, you ask?
well, life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans. and i dont want to turn around and be like... oh crap. now i have to start over and find myself a home. none of this will happen over night, i'm sure. and so i'm making a tangible plan and praying it gets interrupted by goodness across the pond. mostly i hope it involves being kidnapped on a record label's cash. just sayin.

- get out of debt.
- revamp all of the visuals for music.
- get new tunes recorded.
- reconnect with people.
- learn to seek. knock. ask.
- sort out a plan to get to the next town.
- work out a job in that town. er. city.
- find myself a house to make a home.
- and work out the car situation without breaking bank.
- paint more.
- step up this workout/running regimen.

meanwhile, i need a physical girl moment... involving hair, makeup, skin, clothes and alllll-a-that. perhaps a massage while i'm at it?

why not? ima spa queen, after all.

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