Monday, January 11, 2010

she's got standards.

i'm lonely.
i miss my friends.
and i often wonder if i'm missed too.
i'm getting exasperated by some people and i wonder if maintaining these lackluster, one-way street 'friendships' with selfish ... boys and girls are worth it. probly, not.
and i'm beginning to loathe the void where warm companions should be.

i should just throw myself into work and practice.
lots on my plate.
lots coming up.
business face.

p.s. i gotta crush on a moviestar. weird.


idaretohope said...


i understand your brain, you know. we are in the same boat, although i miss my friends and they are in the same city as me.

so i get it.

stay strong, dear one.

(and whos the crush, hmmm?)

stephanie said...

you are missed.