Monday, January 21, 2013


it just creeps up on you.
ambling along
no right or wrong
it gets awfully heavy, awfully fast.
a sort of song without words
like displaced child without a name
another unrequited moment
another wild love tamed
and where did the waves go?
got the spins for the first time
how gravity pushes down so
eyes full of stars and blurred lines
and they waited in silence at the top of the stairs
too many voices
too many tongues
too many predictions
and warnings to run.
limbs stretched take the mark
wait for the sound of the gun
i'll perceive it in a whisper,
spring up from the lunge
and you'll swear with those deafened ears
"i heard no sound,
but air in waiting lungs"
and there it undulates
like the mind of a crowd
waiting to rise up
waiting to fall down
i watched them sign their name on the lines
happily paying erroneous fines
and here the fear has spelled out lies
between the truths
breaking ties
and what seemed like a sweet release;
was but a death wish
and they never felt quite so alive
painting lines of grief upon their lover's face
and cause their weary grieving mind to
make up a kinder place
but, force yourself to lay here
be present in the wake
sink into the silence
and don't let it break
wrapped up in some eternal tale
ignoring how it seems
and against the odds
all will be made right
in this
in me.

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