Friday, October 7, 2011

mine. [field]

fingerprints fading from the glass walls.


can't compare with indelible marks and scratches

the mended breaks that insight your response.

your regard.

your care.

your defense.

your thought.

your rage…

and so on.

and if i am angry it is taken as weakness

and if i am sad, just a fragile actress.

and if i am happy well, then all is right within these worlds.

my words fall unheard. like flakes of snow

awake to the drifts that collected in the night while they slept.

my nightmares have become hunters that stalk when i am awake.

but i won't leave a trace from this exhausted chase.

my thoughts take shape and would form sound

that would fill the room

but there is no sound


smiling mime. unheard. unkept.

so take this home and watch it wither and die.

weary of playing god assessing and reassessing the value of it's life

who am I?

make that case lower.

and teetering like a child on the playground, constantly ignoring and excusing the symptoms. the seriousness.

laugh it off as folly while the shadows haunt me in the night

remind me in the day

and pull away



and watch the fingerprints and breath fading from the glass walls


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