Monday, April 25, 2011

fire escape

slip out the door,

two by two...

running off like fugitives

under cover

out of sight.

no guesses made.

no excuses.

no fights.

just closed young things,

blooming in the night.

on fire.

deaf to the ticking clocks

and healed of the bruises on their hearts.

no prying eyes,

no eager ears.

he let the words spill out down her cheeks

sending away all that was scared in her tender veins

her eyes like mirrors without distortion

he likes the way she sees him

he follows her regard

trees twirling past

and everything is alright

he begs her lips to kiss

he begs her heart to speak

'say that i'm your baby'

'say it's not nothing'

'say that i'm the right one'

'and when you've said it all, my lover'

'say it all again'

and all the world fades slow from view

dropping down like a sunset

but only for just a moment

last call for the trains to depart

last call for boarding

hands unclasped

minds unravelled

the reappearance of hearts so bruised

quietly resume routine

time ticks in their ears

pushing distance

pushing space

pushing and pulling them back to their place

back to their cues

one step

one step more

alone again

slip in the door.


Mia said...

Honestly, that was beautiful. I had to read it again to fully appreciate it, if that makes any sense!

Marlee said...

Beautiful! My gosh you are talented I am soooo jealous! Keep up the good writing!!

Susie Rosso Wolf said...

Nice blog! Keep writing...

pop in at the prairie to comment and follow if you like...

Best to you!

Colleen said...

I want to hear this spill from your lips.